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OFA Certification Form

Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) Certification Form

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Owner's Information

I hereby certify that the radiograph submitted is of the animal described in this application and that neither the pelvic nor the elbow conformation have been surgically altered. I understand that the radiograph and/or image submitted will be retained by the OFA. I understand that the radiograph and/or image is submitted for a consensus evaluation based on the independent, professional judgment of consulting board-certified veterinary radiologists, and I hereby release the OFA from any and all liability resulting from the consensus evaluation. I understand the OFA will release normal hip and/or elbow results for dogs over 24 months to the public, and by submitting this application, I agree the OFA may do so. Abnormal hip and/or elbow results will not be released to the public unless the initials of a registered owner appear in the authorization box below. Normal hip results are defined as consensus evaluations of Excellent, Good, or Fair. Abnormal hip results are defined as consensus evaluations of Mild, Moderate, or Severe. For the purpose of determining whether or not the results will be released to the public, consensus hip evaluations of Borderline are considered abnormal. Normal elbow results are defined as a consensus evaluation of Normal. All other elbow consensus evaluations are considered abnormal.

Authorization to Release Abnormal Results

(initials of registered owner)