Quartet Veterinary Specialty Hospital

The passion and knowledge behind surgery

The most experienced surgery team in the Triangle Region

The most experienced surgical team in the Triangle Region.


Our clients and referring veterinarians know with more than 1,500 surgeries performed at our practice each year, experience counts.

We Are Intentionally Different.

By providing individualized surgical solutions with an approachable and highly skilled surgical team, we believe every pet should have the opportunity to have a full, happy, and functional life.

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Each surgical and patient care staff member who encounters your pet has been Fear Free Certified.  The surgical team pays careful attention to how the patients present on surgery day to make sure we design a welcoming and safe experience for our patients.

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Our hospital name, “Quartet” was chosen to represent the four entities involved in the advanced care process: the patient, the pet owner, the referring veterinarian, and the specialty practice.

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Veterinarians in operating room

The most experienced surgical team in the Triangle.

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“I was brought up with the expectation that whatever I chose to do, I was to do it to the very best of my abilities. I believe my patients deserve no less than that from me and my team every single day.” -- Jack Gallagher, Board-Certified Surgeon

Jack Gallagher, DVM, DACVS
Board-certified surgeon

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“As a surgeon, I respect that my actions will bring immediate and permanent change to my patients, and also those who care for and about them. To me, this is a major responsibility that I never take lightly, no matter how routine the procedure.” -- Willard “Bud” Keller, Board-Certified Surgeon

Willard Bud Keller, DVM, DACVS
Board-certified surgeon

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"As a board-certified surgeon driven by a passion for peer-reviewed research, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence, I believe that each surgical procedure is not just an opportunity to heal but a chance to redefine what’s possible in veterinary orthopedics. Drawing from my background in research and time in academia, I’m dedicated to employing cutting-edge, minimally invasive techniques, surgical implants, and procedures that prioritize the well-being and rapid recovery of pets under my care. Growing up with both parents as veterinarians, I learned early on the profound impact progressive attitudes towards surgery and research can have on advancing veterinary care. With this perspective, I am committed to pushing the boundaries of orthopedic surgery, ensuring that every patient receives the highest possible standard of care and the best chance at living a full and active life." -- Dan Duffy, Board-Certified Surgeon


Our surgeons have decades of collective experience.

Performing veterinary surgery

Orthopedics focuses on the care of the musculoskeletal system. This system consists of muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Neurosurgery encompasses the disciplines of surgery, orthopedics, spinal biomechanics, and neurology. Other degenerative disorders, inflammatory disorders (meningitis), and neuropathies occur and may require additional consultation with a veterinary neurologist.

Soft tissue surgery encompasses a wide range of procedures involving internal organs, the body wall, masses or tumors, and hernias or defects.